Author, Bible Prophecy Research Specialist/Evangelist, Arnold Beizer has written several books such as “If you Don’t Ask You Will Never Know” – a 515 page Biblical and Historical analysis decoding with Divine Revelation knowledge the Identity of the Lost Tribes of Israel, discussing Last Days prophecies and proving how Yeshua (Jesus) is the Jewish Messiah of Israel as foretold by the Hebrew prophets of Old, …and “Saved By The Bell” a new book about Muhammad Ali Championing the Cause of Freedom for American POWS, and more… http://MuhammadAliSaved.com

Arnold Beizer is The Man Who Prophesied the 9/11 Terror Attack Eleven (11) Years before it happened



Special Expertise:

  • Bible Research and Bible Code/Prophecy Specialist
  • Ordained Minister Gospel of Jesus Christ, 2/1/1990
  • Author*, Public Speaker, Advocate, Music Promoter/Producer
  • City Planner with Master’s Degree (MCP)




Promoter – Executive Producer

  • Let Freedom Ring Concert – Philadelphia Academy of Music – 1992 Charity Benefit Musical for American POWS/MIAS with Muhammad Ali,  Jake LaMotta, Ernie Shavers, Alexis Arguello, Rita, Israel’s Queen of Song , Al Green, Kool & The Gang, Neil Sedaka and many more….
  • Co- Executive Producer of Divinas Music Concert and DVD for PBS TV staring Rita Israel’s Queen of Song and other performers at Chateau de Chambord Royal Palace, Paris France -2012 with renowned PBS TV Producer Gustavo Sagastume – International Media produced Yanni Live at Acropolis, at Taj Mahal and Forbidden City in China and many other super stars (http://intl-media.com/)


Music Executive Producer/ Song Writer

  • Messages CD album performed by John Whitehead (Manager and Exec. Producer of the music of Grammy nominated singer-songwriter famous for “Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now”, “Wake up Everybody”….)
  • Victory CD Instrumental by Saxophonist Paul Berman (Managed and Produced the artist)
  • Love Has Begun CD by Rita Farouz – Israel’s Queen of Song (Executive Producer and Co-Writer)
  • Heaven Sent CD by Rita Farouz  – Israel’s Queen of Song (Executive Producer and Co-Writer)


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