Arnold Beizer predicted 9/11 eleven years before 2001.

Arnold Beizer is the man who predicted 9/11, 11 years before it ever happened through a prophetically inspired warning to the United States of America.

Arnold L. Beizer in 1990 wrote a copyrighted article in The Sword of The Lord Messianic Ministry newsletter, “BEGINNING OF THE END” wherein the author cleverly utilized MOVIE TITLES to interweave a series of end time prophecies into a revelation for U.S. and warning for our time. Please note the last paragraph of the article predicting that by the year 2001, if as a nation we do not end our spiritual and moral decline and have a CHANGE OF HEART, we will be in for a RUDE AWAKENING and will surely find ourselves at GROUND ZERO when the WRATH OF GOD blows us FROM HERE TO ETERNITY. Our cities will be like THE TOWERING INFERNO
Read the Original “The Sword” Newsletter written in April 1990 (click to enlarge)

Source: Sword of The Lord Messianic Ministry

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